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Period Flow and You

Every person who gets a period knows how strange it was to just one day have to come to terms with the fact that once a month, they’ll have to bleed from their genitals. It seemed like an odd urban legend until it happened to you. It still might seem like you’re not completely sure of what it is.

Your period can be a confusing time. So it helps to be prepared and know what is what. Most of us who get periods know the first time you see blood that definitely doesn't look like blood exiting you.

The truth is, the blood in the vaginal canal can be too new, too old or just a little weird to look like regular blood. Pink and orange blood in the beginning, or even black or purple is normal! You're not turning into a mutant.

It can be confusing to decide what sort of sanitary napkins to wear on which day of your period. According to your flow and necessities, the kind of pad you choose varies.

The first few days of a period are always tough and typically you're going to be bleeding a lot on these days. Niine Sanitary Napkins offer a wide range of pad sizes - regular, XL and XL+.

You need something which keeps you dry and comfortable through it. Well, surprise, surprise our Dry Comfort ultra thin sanitary napkins were made keeping this in mind, so you can go about your day with as little inconvenience as possible.


During the night, you need to get some good rest, so our Naturally Soft Sanitary Napkins guarantee that you don't get your beauty sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.



Gel lock technology available in both our lines ensures that the blood doesn't exit the pad and you exit your period, ready to take life head on.


Sanitary Napkins aren't really a one-time thing. You know you're going to need more, and soon. Buying them in bulk seems like the smart thing to do. Which is why Niine sanitary napkins come in packs that are ready to take on your needs.

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