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Attached Bonding- Different ways to connect with the Little One.

The transition of carrying the baby to actually seeing them out in the open is a big thing for new parents, and can be very different. You may not feel connected to your little human right away but here are a few ways which are perfect for establishing a strong connection with your baby. We believe a strong bond and attachment with the baby is extremely vital for their development.

1. Breastfeeding-

Other than its nutritional benefits for the baby, breastfeeding is also great for bonding with your baby. Snuggling against your breast while suckling, hearing your heartbeat, feeling your skin and smelling your scent will help the baby feel reassured.


2. Swaddling-

Swaddling a baby is not only good for the little one physically but it also makes them feel safe. Holding and rocking your swaddled baby makes for great bonding time.


3. Talking-

Talking to your baby while maintaining eye contact does wonders. It involves both the parent and the baby and while it is inclusive, it is also a very good way for your child to recognise your voice, your laughter and your mannerisms.


4. Singing-

Humming and singing songs to your little one regularly keeps them entertained and eventually seeing your little one bop along with the songs of your choice is a feeling beyond compare.


5. Response to crying-

Picking up your baby every time they cry will not spoil them- it will solidify your presence and will soothe the baby. Which will only add to your attachment with them.



6. Eye Contact-

Eye contact with your little one is very essential for the baby to feel connected with you. This not only helps in recognition but also aids you to understand their body language.


7. Calling them by their names-

Addressing your little one by their name or nickname plays a great role in helping them identify themselves. This also deepens your attachment with the little one. More often than not, babies respond very well after identifying their names. This makes them happy, and a happy baby means a happy parent!


Again, it is not necessary for any and all of these suggestions to work for you and your little one. Sometimes, finding a route that works for you might seem confusing but eventually, you will get there and you will love it!


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