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    Niine Dry Comfort range provides some of the best sanitary pads in India. The softness of the edge arms prevents rashes and the fragrance keeps you fresh all day long by locking away the odour. Unlike other sanitary pad brands in India, these cotton pads are designed without ink to avoid the chemicals, as they are in constant contact with your intimate areas throughout the day.

    The Dry Comfort Fluff Range is made with a double perforated top-sheet of organic cotton for faster absorbency which helps you stay comfortable and rash free. The Regular cotton sanitary pad in this range is 230 mm long and keeps you going for 5-6 hours.

    The Fluff XL pads can last up to 8 hours and come with a longer and wider back that offers protection from leakage and ensures comfort during daily movements.

    The Niine Dry Comfort Ultra-Thin range has a single perforated dry cover top-sheet and a fluid lock gel technology that absorbs faster and keeps you dry longer. This range also carries the fragrance to keep out the odour which helps you go about your day feeling fresh.

    The Dry Comfort Ultra-Thin XL+ are an extra 40% long with a 10% wider back than the Dry Comfort Regular sanitary napkins, making them super absorbent, ideal for the heavy flow days and a great alternative for menstrual cups.

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