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Let’s Talk About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only the promise of a healthy life for your little one, it is also a great way to feel attached and develop a bond. However, the choice to breastfeed is yours and yours alone- not wanting to breastfeed your baby for any reason whatsoever doesn’t make you a bad mom!


However, there are a few things you should know about-

 1. Colostrum

Colostrum is the milk produced during and right after you give birth. Nicknamed “liquid gold” for its deep yellow color, it is an elixir of life for your baby. It is densely rich in nutrients and antibodies which go on to protect your baby for a very long time. Eventually, it thins down but is equally beneficial for the little one.


2. Protection

Breastfed babies are more immune to various diseases which can be life threatening in childhood and much later. This is because of the components of breast milk. Research says that breastfed babies are at lower risk of these diseases

  • Asthma,
  • Leukemia,
  • Eczema,
  • Respiratory Infections,
  • SIDs,

Type 2 Diabetes, etc


3. Health benefits to the mother

Breastfeeding causes the mother to heal from the birth and improves her general health too. Some mothers believe that feeding also helped them lose pregnancy weight. Reports state that mothers who breastfeed are at lower risks of the following-

  • Breast Cancer,
  • Ovarian Cancer,
  • Type 2 Diabetes, etc.

4. Emergencies-

Breastfeeding the baby during emergencies can prove to be greatly helpful. For example while traveling in an airplane, feeding the baby would relieve them of the discomfort they might experience during the descent. Otherwise, breastfeeding them in places where clean water is not available is advised. Moreover, your breast milk is always at the right temperature for your baby; it would help regulate their body temperature.


5. Compared to Formula-

There are chances that your young one might be allergic to milk- this is called lactose intolerance and even though it is rare, it is normal. In such cases, formula is obviously better than breastmilk. Otherwise, breast milk has more nutritional advantages in comparison to formula. For example, formula is much more expensive and difficult to feed.

6. Societal Benefits

Because of its content, breast milk has the potential to save the lives of many babies. Research suggests that if 90% of families breastfed their babies, approximately 1,000 infantile deaths can be prevented. Moreover, it is better for the environment as it eliminates the creation of more plastic waste, i.e., the packaging material for baby formula.


Again, breastfeeding is a deeply personal choice and no option is wrong!



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