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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as new parents

With a brand-new baby mewling and kicking in the bassinet, new parents find their energies thinning. It is only fair- imagine running around all day long changing diapers, nursing and burping the little one, and so on! This is bound to bring a shift in your list of priorities. This Valentine’s, the creative team at Niine wishes for you to invigorate and revive that long lost romance you shared with your partner.
As new parents, insecurities and stress relating to your partner and your own parenting abilities are normal. So, if possible, a day away from all things baby is a good idea. If not an entire day, a few hours should do the job.

A lot of times, leaving the baby is not an option- your most trusted nanny could be away on a holiday, or your siblings might be busy with their job. So, plan something that is baby-proof. Picnics in the park, or a trip to an amusement park can give you the window to connect with your partner and baby both in a way that is fun and healthy. Or wait till your baby settles in for the night with Niine’s Baby Diapers - the possibilities are endless.

If there is an opportunity for taking a day off from parenting duty, go for it. Date nights, long drives, romantic dinners, adventurous outings- just line your interests with that of your partner and go wild!

The idea is to have quality time alone with your partner- taking the time to connect and re-kindle the spark is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. Your little one is perhaps the most important thing for you and your partner, but so is your relationship.

Taking up activities that revitalise your personal life are suggested, and in a way, crucial. The responsibilities and due diligence towards your baby shouldn’t keep you away from enjoy the little moments of life. Moreover, a balance wherein you divide your time in healthy proportions goes a long way.

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