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Skin Care During PMS

The week leading up to the beginning of your period is one of suspense and dread. Going to the bathroom or asking your friend to check when you stand up, trying to buy sanitary napkins online, the digestive issues, headaches and bloating and the worst of all, the mood swings without having any idea why you're feeling that way. There's a litany of symptoms and one of them is all the hormonal changes manifesting in an acne flare up. Truly, all the wonderful parts of being a woman have to be balanced out by some irritating ones. 

You can take care of your skin through these skincare routines:

  • Let's focus on the basics first. Hydration is the most important. Remember to drink lots of water and to be kind to yourself. It's natural for your skin to look different as your body changes, there's nothing wrong with it.
  • The amount of oil our faces produce, the layer of sebum, thickens during PMS. Skin tends to look dry and dull. To deal with this, gently wash your face twice a day with a salicylic acid based face wash. Use facemasks that focus on dealing with oily skin. We have to focus on getting rid of the excess oil, but keeping our approach gentle, so inflammation does not happen.
  • One of the most important things to do is not go for aggressive methods like using enthusiastic Your skin is sensitive during your menstrual cycle and you have to remember to be careful with it.
  • Have a balanced diet, staying away from oily/fried foods. I know how tempting those pakoras look but you don’t want painful bumps on your face, trust us.
  • Optimise your skincare regime with a facial at the spa. PMS can also lead to a lot of anxiety and be a stressful time for you. Going on a date with yourself may help.


Acne is a normal part of being human, everyone goes through it. Seek professional dermatological help if you feel like it's getting out of control, but don't let it get you down. Have a safe and happy cycle!

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