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Your Period Won’t Ruin Your Valentine’s

Valentine's is a day made up of stuffed teddies, candy hearts, chocolates and bouquets of roses. It's supposed to be all things nice. Here’s the glitch. What if the most romantic day of the year, you look forward to, at least a month in advance, also coincides with your period? Ouch! Bloating, cramps, and oh what do I tell him?

Here are some quick suggestions for Her and Him to make the day as special as it is. Periods are a part of life, embrace them, and live each day to the fullest, and make this Valentine’s Day your best one ever, even if you are on period.

Her side of the story:

  • Let your partner know you are on periods. Just tell him you are on periods, as simple as that. No word smithing needed. Good and open communication between partners is important and by making sure you are both on the same page before the big day you can avoid disappointment and plan a day factoring in minor inconveniences of period
  • Dark colors and free flowing dresses can be sexier than fitted body hugging clothes. Feel free to put on something free-flowing and dark-colored so you don’t have to worry about potentially staining your outfit. We now also have transfer or leak proof panties and extra-long napkins to take away any stress of staining
  • Pamper yourself, go for a nice pedicure and manicure, or schedule a head massage and blow dry to relax and look your best. You could feel pampered just by using soft sanitary pads, c’mon, even your periods deserve love.
  • Enjoy the romantic day with yourself and self-care. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love with someone else. You can incorporate plenty of self-love into the day. Meditate, enjoy a warm, comforting cup of tea, or try a little spa-like treatment by taking a long shower or bath and adding in a face mask or body scrub while you’re at it and play soft music in the background. Sometimes it’s also good to celebrate “Galentine’s” Day by having a girl’s night in with the kind of best friends who leave you feeling refreshed and positive.
  • Have sex, even if it’s period sex. Period Sex is not as messy as you think it is. It eases period cramps, shortens your period, and some even quote having their strongest orgasm ever, while on period.

His side story:

Have a plan! Remember, she is the same person, it is the same relationship

  • An extra gift to pamper her, soft sanitary pads, just because she is on periods. A super soft pack of Niine Naturally soft, a small pink carry pouch or simply a chocolate, simply cause she is on periods.
  • Indulge in period cravings together, it’s freaking Valentine’s Day, after all! Buy a small cheesecake or pasta meal and enjoy together. Good quality, organic, 70% dark chocolate is a PMS-combating superfood packed full of magnesium to alleviate anxiety, insomnia, and bloating. Perfect gift to elevate her mood.
  • It’s so much better to create a comfortable, cozy evening by whether that means cooking together, or playing card games, or watching a movie. You can book yoga sessions and spa session together which can help her relieve the intensity of period cramping!
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