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The time’s come: a line first time parents have to hear so often. There are so many firsts in the life of a newborn baby. For a new human being, their calendars are always so full.

One of the hardest times is weaning, when you introduce your little one to solid foods. The transition from the breast to the plate is not an easy one, but then parenting hardly ever is.

Usually the change comes around the six month mark, but every baby is different. It is not recommended at all to make the switch before four months and a few studies recommend keeping the baby on breastmilk up till 2 years. Even if you’re making the switch from formula to solids, there are some signs you should look for that will let you know that your baby is ready. Given below is a guide for new parents-

1. Shows motor skill development


Simply put, if you hold up a spoon to your little one’s face and they try to grasp onto it, that might be a pretty solid clue.


2. Can sit up alone

If they can support their little necks all on their own and manage to sit somewhat straight without your help.


3. Swallows food instead of spitting it out

There is a chance the kid just doesn’t like your cooking, but there’s also a chance they aren’t ready yet. Either way, trying something new isn’t a bad idea.


Now the question arrives: What foods to give to your baby? Often in India, this food is mushed up rice but in recent times, an excessive amount of rice has been linked to arsenic poisoning. Oats and barley aren’t a bad idea, neither are some veggies. Start off with the yellow team, pumpkins or sweet potatoes. Move on to the greens slowly, that squishy tummy needs time to adjust. Fruits like peaches and applesauce add a dessert-like element. Around 8 months, you can start introducing some minced meat and eggs if you’d like, or beans and yogurt. Remember to spice things up with proper medical advice, no one likes the same dal chawal every day.

The rules for food preparation for babies are pretty simple. If you’re not quite sure if it’s liquid or solid, it’s definitely cooked well enough. If it’s in tiny enough pieces to be confetti, definitely ready. It also isn’t a bad idea to mix in some breast milk and slowly make the transition. Getting advice from lactation consultants will help.

Whatever you choose to do, know that your baby will spit out your food and put up a good fight. It’ll be exhausting, but you know it’s good for them. You got this.

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