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Navigating Life with Pets and a Newborn

With the arrival of a baby in your family, a lot of changes are introduced in your life. These changes, while sudden are accepted by the family member but there is a part of your family that needs to be introduced to these changes with care and time. Yes, we are talking about your pets. Your pets are also like toddlers, the sudden addition of a baby to their daily lives can be shocking if not done with great thought. So, let’s discuss some ways to introduce your baby to your pets comfortably.

Introducing the pet to the baby

A major difference between humans and pets is their strong sense of smell, specifically cats and dogs recognize humans with their scent. So, the first step in introducing your baby to your pet is to familiarize them with the scents that come with a baby.

  • It is essential to let the pets know the smell of baby products. To do so start applying baby lotion and powder on yourself, this makes the pet familiar with the smell before the arrival of the baby.
  • If possible, ask a family member or friend who has a baby to make several visits to the house to introduce the scent of a baby to the pet.
  • After the birth of the baby, while the baby is in hospital bring in a piece of clothing that the baby has worn so that the pet knows the smell of their new sibling.

Supervised Interactions

Building a relationship between a human and their pet is a very delicate process and it is essential to foster a bond between your baby and your pet. This can be done by introducing the baby to the pet under your supervision, letting your pet smell your baby but keeping an eye on the pet’s behavior. These controlled interactions are very helpful in building a trusting relationship between the baby and the pet.

Tackling The Loneliness

The arrival of a baby can be a confusing time for a pet, with you giving your required attention to the care of your baby. Your pets might not understand this and might feel neglected which might lead to behavioral changes in the pet and this might be harmful for the baby. To overcome this, start giving your pet more space gradually so that the change doesn’t feel sudden to them. Also, learn to give walks to your animal while steering a stroller so that both your pet and your baby get their outdoor time.

Respect Your Pet’s Space

While with time your baby and your pet become best friends and become inseparable, it is important to remember that pets are also individuals and react if their personal space is violated. So, even if your pet doesn’t react to your baby touching or pulling on their skin or ears, it is essential to stop your baby from doing so.

So, if your little one already has a furry sibling at home then remember these points and watch as a bond of a lifetime forms between your baby and your pet.

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