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How to Wear Sanitary Pads/Napkins:
Step-By-Step Guide

This is the beginning of your beautiful journey, you might feel anxious and nervous, and that is normal. Don’t worry, we have got your back!

On your flow days, you’ll need something to soak up the menstrual blood. There are lots of different products out there, but sanitary pads are the most common period products used by females. You might have heard the words “sanitary pads” or “sanitary napkins”, but this will be the first time you will use them (if you are having your period for the first time) and will need them monthly to manage your periods.

Whether you have started menstruating or you simply want to learn how to use a sanitary napkin, this blog is perfect for you!

Here is your sanitary pad guide:

What are sanitary napkins or pads?

A sanitary napkin is an absorbent pad that you attach to your undergarment during your flow days. Sanitary pads have different varieties and sizes. Based on your period flow, you need to choose a sanitary napkin with the appropriate thickness, size, and absorbency. Knowing how to use a sanitary pad will not only keep your undergarments clean but also help you manage your period effectively and with confidence.

How to wear sanitary pads?

Step 1: Wash your hands

Bacteria from your hands can easily be transferred to your pad, which can cause vaginal infection. So make sure you wash your hands properly before wearing a pad.

Step 2: Make yourself comfortable

Find the nearest washroom and get your underwear in sight. Sit or stand; make sure you have everything within arm's reach. Sitting down and wearing a pad is much more convenient than standing and wearing one.

Step 3: Unwrap the pad

Take off the pads from the wrapper and peel off the long center backing strip that covers the sticky part of the pad. After peeling it off, put the wrapper and strips in the bin.

Step 4: Stick pad to panty

Adjust the pad and stick the sticky side of the pad in an effective position on your panty. If the pad has wings, remove the adhesive from the wings. Fold the sticky sides to the outer side of your panties and stick them.

Step 5: Wearing Panties

After attaching the pad, wear the panties as usual and get comfortable.

Step 6: Dispose

Get rid of the unwanted wrapping by disposing it in a disposal bag and throwing it in the bin.

 Yayy! You have finally learned to wear a pad, but we have a few tips for you to follow.



1. Opt for more comfortable clothes:

Initially, it might feel weird, but the pad won't be visible. It will follow the curve of your body and be well-covered. If you're worried about the menstrual flow, pick up comfy clothes.

2. Wear comfy panties:

Wear regular cotton panties instead of fancy lacy thongs while you’re on your period.

3. Pad alternatives:

Panty liners are similar to your sanitary pads. If your period is approaching, you can start using panty liners on the days leading up to it to be safe and protect your panties and clothes from getting stained.

4. Change your pads:

Even if you have a light flow, change your pads every four to six hours and repeat the process.

5. Keep checking, especially on heavy flow days:

At first, you won’t realize if the pad is leaking, but eventually you will know how long a pad lasts on what days.

6. Extra pad:

Always carry a pad because you don’t want to end up using scented toilet paper, which might irritate your skin and give you rashes. If you have a heavy flow, or your periods arrive when you don't expect them.

7. Wash hands and stay hygienic:

Periods aren't the cleanest, so it's necessary to stay hygienic. Wash your hands nicely when you're changing pads, and clean yourself down there, too.

While various napkin brands are available in the market, we recommend Niine Ultra Thin XL+ for first time users as they have a 3-layer shield, are 320 mm wider, and are perfect for heavy flow. The best part is that they come with a disposal bag, so you can easily dispose of the used napkin in this bag instead of wrapping it with some paper and throwing it in the bin.

We hope this was helpful. You might be overwhelmed just by the thought of bleeding. This is a natural tendency, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. #LetsTalkPeriods.

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