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Home Remedies for Baby Coughs and Colds

The seasonal changes are always harsh on the human body and for small children, this seasonal change is harsher as their immune systems are weaker. That is why we see an increase in cases of cough and cold in newborns and infants. However, by following a few home remedies, these ailments can be cured or avoided altogether.

Breast Milk

When curing coughs and colds, breast milk is one of the best options that any mother can choose. Breast milk has antibodies, stem cells, and protective enzymes that help fight infections and build up the immune system of a baby.

Sometimes, during a cough or cold, latching is difficult for a baby but worry not, keep offering breast milk to the baby.

Light Steam

Inhaling Steam provides great help in getting relief from nose blockage, chest congestion and cold naturally. However, special precautions need to be taken when giving steam to babies as their skin is more susceptible to heat and cold, and exposure to high temperatures may cause rashes. Instead, fill a room with steam using a steamer or by keeping boiling water in the room. Sit in the room with the baby for 10-15 minutes.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) and Garlic

Garlic and Ajwain when put together are positively effective in curing coughs and colds. Their antibacterial and antiviral properties are also scientifically proven. To cure your baby’s cough and cold, simply roast two cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of ajwain in a small pan. After it cools down, tie the roasted Garlic and Ajwain in a muslin cloth and keep it close to the sleeping baby. The fumes from this mixture help clear the nasal blockage and help to relieve the cough in babies.

Coconut Oil and Tulsi

Massaging the chest of your baby with the concoction made by heating Coconut Oil, Tulsi Leaves and some Camphor helps in clearing congestion in the chest and coughs. Also, apply this oil to the baby’s head before sleeping.

Saline Water & Nasal Suction Pump

Saline water or salted water can be used to help remove nasal blockages in babies. This water can be made in your home or can be bought at pharmacies. Putting a few drops of this water in the nose of a baby can help in clearing the blockage.

Apart from this method, suction pumps can also be used to clean the blockage of noses. These methods are to be preferred instead of using a cloth or handkerchief as they are harsh on the baby’s skin and cause rashes.

While these home remedies are effective, protecting your baby from catching coughs and colds is also important to cover the chest, head and feet of your baby. It is also suggested to take your baby to a paediatrician if symptoms worsen.

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