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Gearing up for D-day

The days seem to fly by as you approach your delivery date. It is nerve-wracking, and for good reason. Pregnancy is a common and unifying experience for many, and therefore, there’s no end to suggestions you will get from well-meaning friends and family. It’s completely normal to be anxious, especially if this is your first child and a lot of us can get stuck down the rabbit hole of research, buy baby diapers online, trying to make sure that the day goes perfectly. While that’s okay, it’s not particularly productive.

Your neighborhood aunty speaks with a lot of lo­ve when she talks about how she effortlessly delivered her five children. The truth however remains that everyone’s bodies are wired differently and what worked for her may not work for you.

Book a childbirth class and make sure you take it seriously.

If possible, bring a partner or whoever would be with you along. Have a conversation with the instructor and learn to understand whatever works for you. Truthfully ask questions to your doctor and trust the insight of the medical professional whose job it is to make sure you and your baby are safe. Something as important as well is communicating with yourself. You are the one who is going through the process.

Your comfort matters

If you’d like to have scented candles in the room or listen to Beyonce while giving birth (we don’t know why you would, but we're not here to judge), discuss it with your doctor. Birth is painful enough without making it stressful. Research shows that successful births have a lot to do with where and how they happen, even more so than pre-morbidities. You need to feel empowered, happy and in-control of the situation, and whatever it requires for that to happen, within reason, should be accessible to you.

Start your journey of motherhood on a positive note

Late-term pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Of course, you need to be way more careful with your boundaries, but your body is going to go through physical hardship during birth and just like any other event, you need to train for it. There’s pregnancy yoga instructors, physical therapists. Ask your doctor for suggestions. If nothing else, take a walk every day. A 30-minute walk has been shown to work wonders and you can do it up until D-Day.


I hope these suggestions have been helpful! Remember that no matter what, you’ve got this. You’re fierce and powerful, you’re going to be a great parent!

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