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The practice of wrapping a baby is almost as old as time- possibly originating around 4000-5000 years ago. Paediatricians and care-givers all around the world believe that swaddling can be very beneficial for your baby’s holistic growth.

Before we move to the physical process of swaddling techniques, let’s take a minute to understand why swaddling your baby is beneficial.

  • Babies with colic tend to calm down after swaddling.
  • Swaddled babies sleep longer and better.
  • Babies have a natural startle reflex, and swaddling guarantees that they do not wake themselves up.
  • Swaddled babies learn to self sooth, which reduces their anxiety.
  • Swaddling promotes safe sleeping practices.

Swaddling the little one can seem tough- what needs to be tucked, what goes where. We, at Niine, understand. Keeping in mind all doubts and queries new parents might have in regards to swaddling.

We Have Prepared A Step By Step Guide:



On a changing table or a level surface, spread your swaddling blanket out flat. Before starting the process, keep wet wipes for the baby on hand. Then, fold over one of the corners. Lay your baby back-down on the cloth in a way where your baby’s shoulders rest over the folded corner. Make sure they are wearing Diaper Pants! You can buy Baby diapers online



After making sure that your baby’s right arm is slightly bent, drape the right corner over your baby’s right arm and body. Tuck this corner under their body. Their left arm should be left free for now.




After securing the first tuck under your baby, fold over the bottom corner over your baby’s legs. Make sure their legs are straight. Then, if the swaddle cloth is long enough, tuck this corner behind your baby’s shoulder.




Now, since almost all swaddle cloths are square-ish or rectangular in shape, we are left with a single corner untucked- the left corner. Repeat the first tuck here, and remember to make sure the baby’s arm is positioned correctly. Do not make the tuck too tight. It can adversely affect your baby by doing more harm than good.

It’s a simple step by step process and voila! You have successfully swaddled your little one!

In order to maximise your baby’s comfort, and yours, make sure you can fit at least three fingers in between the swaddle cloth and your baby’s chest. Any tighter than that, and you might end up limiting your baby’s development which may lead to hip dislocation and other related issues. Safe swaddling is essential. Secondly, make sure your baby is kept on their back after swaddling.

Done with care and caution, swaddling will eventually come easy to new parents- simply because when your baby sleeps peacefully, you sleep peacefully!

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