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Adulting with Babies One O’ One

How to include your child in your day-to-day activities

In this constantly shifting and changing world, it seems nearly impossible to be completely still. When everything is so fast-paced, it is difficult for parents to spend quality time with their little ones. It’s very important to involve your child in your daily routine; this way, you can get your work done and spend meaningful time cultivating a connection with your child.

 Be it a toddler, a preteen, or a new-born, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can make your child a part of your schedule seamlessly:

1. Talking, listening, and blabbering :- 

You could be a single dad of two kids or a new mom, you would definitely understand how difficult juggling multiple things at a time is. Time management for parents can definitely be a task. However, once you get the hang of it, you’re no less than an absolute pro. So we suggest that every time you are warming up leftovers for dinner or trying to get some work done, you can squeeze in a little conversation with your baby. Listen to them blabber, and actively participate. Create a growth chart that not only helps understand height but also helps develop numeracy skills during early childhood. All of this would not only engage your baby, but also help him/her meet developmental milestones.

2. Social and emotional development :- 

 Social and emotional development skills in children help them understand their feelings better. Encouraging social and emotional development for wee ones and toddlers is as important as teaching them to talk, listen, and walk. It helps the child to experience, express, and manage their emotions. Parents and teachers play an important role in the development of social and emotional skills in children.

3. Clean up activities :- 

Keeping the house clean is a task- the baby is capable of raising a cyclone in your hallway. It would certainly look so after they are done playing. One really unique and invigorating way of keeping the little one engaged is to put on some music and show off your epic dance moves. You’d be surprised at how good your shy little one is at following you. Eventually, down the road, you will also cherish these little dance parties you enjoyed to make a task as mundane as cleaning worth it!

4. Work, work, work :- 

For parents, work is not just an office job. Any and everything that doesn’t involve your baby and/or your hobbies is work. Although, for a working parent, balancing work and family would be even more difficult. Now, what’s the best way to include your baby when you are trying to get some last minute gardening done and let them have your undivided attention? Bring them with you to your balcony! Your child will have a blast trying to keep up with you. Going grocery shopping? The baby comes with you. Letting your child be a part of your activities in a hands-on manner is not only a gateway to sensorial exposure, growth, and development for them but also a fun experience for you!

5. Story time :- 

 Story time is always fun, regardless of when it’s done. You could be getting your 10k steps in or going through your 15-step skin care regimen on a daily basis. Let your inner storyteller out and weave a fascinating tale for your young one. We suggest doing voices for different characters, as this gives a fun dimension to the activity.

6. Have fun :- 

The most important aspect of including your child in your routine should be spending quality time with kids and having fun. These may or may not suit you and your child, but whatever does work out should be cherished and enjoyed regardless.

Taking care of your baby with these effective parenting strategies and making sure you are a responsible adult is a tough road to travel when life is busy and you are a working parent. There will be roadblocks and jams. Distractions will show up as diversions. But you are brave, and above all, you are capable of navigating everything that life throws at you!

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